Peterborough Travel Haven

- Have you ever dreampt of getting away more often?

- Do the steep increase in prices when your children's school breaks up do your head in?

- Is your credit card crying at coming out to often?

Specials on Cruises

We're here to introduce you to a different way of getting the best deals, getting more for your money and getting to do it more often

Holiday for Less

But Not on a Budget

Whether you're looking to follow the sun, Ski the Swiss slopes, attend the Indianapolis 500, scuba dive with the Dolphins or simply relax on the sun swept beachs you'll find we have something instore for everybody.


Back in 2005 a company was launched that wanted to provide top quality travel and holiday experiences at prices that everybody could afford. Jump forward to today and that company is winning awards for being the best at what they do.


The company is World Ventures and we are here to show you acactly what they can do for you.